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We endeavour to create meaningful partnerships with everyone we work with, supporting our contributors and building on the relationships we form with talent in front of and behind the mic. We want to encourage personal and professional growth, lift people out of the boxes they’ve been pigeon-holed in and elevate them to reach their highest potential. We recognise the power of community especially within an industry that can feel divisive and isolating for so many. We hope to provide a safe and valuable space for creative expression and social change while inspiring action in a world that sometimes relies on the inaction of the many to uphold the power of the few.


Diyora Shadijanova



Multimedia journalist, opinions & Essays editor at gal-dem and host of Broccoli Book Club

Diyora Shadijanova_cropped.jpg

Laura Dockrill 




Author, Illustrator and Host of  Zombiemum

Laura Dockrill_cropped.jpg

Moya Lothian-McLean




Politics editor at gal-dem and freelance journalist. Host of Human Resources

Renay Richardson - Moya_20200608_134815_

Marc Thompson



Director at The Love Tank, co-founder Team Prepster and Blk Out UK. Host of We Were Always Here

Renay Richardson - MARCT_cropped.jpg

Ruby Rare




Sex educator and Brook Charity Ambassador. Host of In Touch

Renay Richardson - Ruby Rare Photo Credi

Leah Davis


Presenter of Capital Xtra Monday - Thursday 10pm - 1am and voice of Anthems.

Renay Richardson - Leah Headshot_cropped

work x work

wxw website



Responsible for Broccoli's branding design.

wxw_cropped copy.jpg

Forward Slash




Creates Broccoli’s social media video assets.

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Ronke Lawal



Founder Ariatu PR, Broccoli’s PR consultant.

Renay Richardson - Ronke L headshots fin

Smiley Sounds



Sound engineers across our podcasts

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